Mobile Park Home Units

Quality and Comfort.


Our mobile park homes (also referred to as prefab buildings) are manufactured in a controlled factory environment. The use of durable materials and quality fittings together with robust design ensures the quality for which our transportable buildings have become known. The units are available in various sizes and floor plans and can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

A variety of options are available including furniture, security and air conditioning.

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Chassis All steel 300mm or 200mm lipped channel with heavy duty cross members, complete with primer undercoat and covering enamel final coat. Self leveling screw in type jacks are included as part of the chassis construction. Note that there is no timber in the chassis construction.

Roof And Ceiling (Monopitch – 2.500mm to 2.300mm Fall)

The same panel system is used for the roof and ceiling, i.e. 0,6mm galvanised sheet for the roof and 0.58mm embossed chromadeck for the ceiling. Joints between the roof panels are sealed by the application of a membrane tape with sealant to the supplier specification. The insulation value of the roof and ceiling is the same as for the walls. Note that there is no timber in the roof construction.

Floors 18mm Thick exterior grade timber floor boards on steel cross bearers.

Sidewalls 60mm Thick 16FR (Fire retardant) Polystyrene core pressure bonded with 0.58mm ridgedised chromodeck on both sides.. Both exterior and interior skins are bonded to the polystyrene core by a pressure process resulting in an extremely strong panel. The external chromatic skin has a butt jointed profiled edge which gives a flush weatherproof joint.

Advantages of this system are:

  • The chromatic skin is bonded over the whole area, resulting in an extremely strong panel with a solid feel.
  • The 60mm thick polystyrene core has excellent insulation properties ( U-value = 0.6W/M² ºC),
  • is fire retardant (16FR) and does not give off poisonous gases in the case of a severe fire, as is the case of some Polyurethane / foam insulation materials.
  • No condensation problems – as can occur in timber cavity wall construction.







Prefab Units are fitted standard with anodized aluminium top hung windows or as per client specifications.

Doors Exterior :

Chromadeck clad 38mm panel, complete with 3 lever lock.


Hollow core with wood grain skin complete with 2 lever lock.


Fitted as per unit requirements with 230 volt supply and Distribution Board. Wall switches and plug boxes are flush mounted in the wall panel with wiring concealed in the polystyrene core.


Units are plumbed using Copper piping for supply and PVC for waste and sewerage.


  • Kitchen and bedroom cupboards in oak melamine with postform tops to match or as per client specifications.
  • Floor cover to customer requirements, either 1.6mm / 2mm industrial vinyl or carpeting.
  • Air conditioners supplied and fitted as per customer requirements.
  • Burglar bars and security gates.
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Geysers – electric or gas as specified You will notice that our Units contain no timber framework in its construction, except for the weatherproof exterior grade floor boards.

Conventional Parkhome units are constructed almost entirely with timber, either in the roof or walls and may be prone to wood rot and moisture problems over time.

NOTE: We strive to improve our products on a continuous basis and therefore reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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