Environmental Impact

With so many Mines operating in South Africa, the need for mine site accommodation has increased over the past few years and it is becoming increasingly more challenging to accommodate all the miners and sub-contractors on site.

Many of the mines are operating on tribal lands that are not owned by the Mining companies. Using mobile accommodation instead of brick and mortar buildings makes absolute sense in these instances. Coupled with the fact that the mines in our country have individual and varying life spans, the mobile building industry is the solution for these issues.

Our products offer a quick, easy and safe solution to these needs. It is also not a permanent structure on the land as the units can be moved if and when required. The green footprint is a major factor to consider as once the units have been relocated the land can easily be rehabilitated to its original state.

Because mobile units are built indoors they can be completed in a matter of a few weeks as opposed to months. These constructions do not see the typical on-site delays that are predominantly caused by the weather. Or mobile units conform to specific rules, guidelines and building codes.

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