Mobile Homes Rental Options

Efficiency and Flexibility

Hiring transportable buildings can solve your accommodation problems in a fraction of the time and the cost of conventional construction. With this, efficiency and speed is guaranteed.

We offer:
Ablution facilities
Shipping containers used as a storage facility

You can enjoy the flexibility of hiring or purchasing!

Rental options are available on units in stock at the time of the request.
rental temp homes
Please note: 
We regret that residential type units and contractor vans are NOT available as a rental option.
Rent mobile units

Storage Facilities

Let us store your units for you.

rental temp homes

Transport of mobile homes and units

We transport park and mobile homes, sites offices and shipping containers.

transport container or mobile homes
All units are transported by highly skilled drivers and crews, using specialized low-bed trucks to ensure safe delivery of your movable assets. Once on site we can erect and commission the buildings for use.
transport mobile units
transport mobile units
Erections and relocations are expertly undertaken by our highly experienced site crews who have successfully relocated entire villages and camps throughout Southern Africa.
rental temp homes
rental temp homes