Besides manufacturing park homes, sites offices, prefabs and other transportable buildings we offer a number of other services.

Erection and relocation

All erections and relocations are expertly undertaken by our highly experienced site crews, who have successfully relocated entire villages and camps across the length and breadth of Southern Africa

Storage Facilities for your mobile units and shipping containers
• Short or long-term storage
• Units are stored at a nominal fee
• Units can be refurbished whilst in storage – when you require a unit on site it is ready to go.
• 24 hour security


All units are transported by highly skilled drivers and crews using specialised trucks and lowbeds to ensure safe delivery of your movable assets.

Repairs and Refurbishment

“Look to refurbish before you write off!!!”

Due to the increasing cost of new units, we have a specialised team to get your old units looking as good as new. This applies to mobile homes, site offices, ablution facilities or shipping containers. Minor repairs can be carried out to most units on site. Should a major refurbishment be required, these can be undertaken at our on site factory in Honeydew.


Above:  Damaged Unit on Site

After :  We transformed this unit on site in just a couple of days!