Specialised Medical Facility

Our client came to us with what we thought was quite a unique request……can we build a specialised medical facility within their existing hospital.

“Of course, we can” we replied and then proceeded to do exactly that!

The pics below are testament to the versatility that our Prefabricated Buildings can offer you, whether in distant remote locations or the bustling inner city.

Built in our factory or built on your site, the quality and workmanship of the end result is the same….no mess no fuss, we will surpass your expectations every time!!

1. The proposed site

2. All materials carried in by hand

3. Chassis fabrication nearing completion

4. Substructure ready for flooring

5. Just like that the fabrication process begins

6. Walls and partitions in progress.

7. Roof cover done

8. Skilled Workmanship

9. Top quality materials


10. Amenities fitted

13. All-electrical reticulation hidden and flush-mounted.

11. Shower facilities

14. Plug and Play mains connections.

16. Internal-finish

17. Almost ready for handover