This Project is nestled in the heart of the Eastern Lesotho Highlands in the Polihali region.

Our client’s brief was to supply Mobile Prefabricated Parkhome Units, constructed in our factory and delivered to the site literally complete.

In partnership with a Lesotho based company the 5000m2 of Civils preparation was completed whereupon 610m2 of Prefabricated Mobile Parkhomes were placed.


The Units were destined to be used by 40 Engineers and staff involved with the Lesotho Highlands Development Project, Phase 2.

The site location in the mountain’s experience major temperature differences in winter and summer as well as heavy snowfall at times therefore it was required for us to comply to all Zone 1 climatic conditions.

Taking all these factors into consideration our Prefabricated Mobile Parkhome Units fitted our clients’ requirements perfectly.

We did add additional insulation under the floorboards to cater for the thermal extremes that can occur during the winter months.

The engineering village comprised of several different Prefabricated Mobile units with custom designed floorplans.

The 12 x 3m, 2-bedroom accommodation units are complete with;

  • kitchenette,
  • lounge area and
  • ensuite bathrooms.

 All Mobile Parkhome units were supplied fully furnished with custom built cupboards, wardrobes, beds and appliances.

The 21 x 7.0m Double Wide Parkhome kitchen / dining unit comprised of a purpose-built kitchen with dedicated mess area as well as a communal lounge / relaxation area.

All catering equipment and furniture was supplied as part of the initial delivery therefore saving the client the cost of having the required furniture and equipment delivered at a later stage.

Our client’s on-site office and administration needs were easily met by Hi-Way Parkhomes

Hi-Way Parkhomes designed and manufactured a Mobile Prefabricated Parkhome Office unit in a 40m x 7m format.

The Prefabricated offices comprised of a Boardroom, 12 Offices, Server room, Kitchen and Ablution facilities.

All these amenities in one custom built Prefabricated Building delivered to site complete.

The Prefabricated Office unit was also delivered with all required office furniture, boardroom tables and chairs.

All air conditioning was pre-fitted in our factory and delivered to site for immediate use.

The entire Prefabricated administration building was ready for use and occupation as soon as the main electrical feed was connected to the buildings pre-fitted distribution board.

Together with our local Civils works partners we also installed the ready to use fully Turnkey waste management system that ensured that no waste / grey water would impact on the pristine remote location of the site.

One of the major advantages of utilising our Prefabricated Mobile Camps and Buildings is the versatility and options you have once your initial project is completed.

All our Prefabricated Mobile buildings are easily relocatable to the next site by our trained and experienced crews and will be ready for further use and occupation in no time.

This fact makes our Prefabricated Mobile Units a cost saving winner with our clients.

A further advantage of using our Prefabricated Mobile Camps when working in remote and environmentally sensitive areas is that no “human footprint” need be left behind after the initial project is completed…..as all our Buildings are entirely relocatable.